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Wait until you see the moves on this groom!

Groom Style This is Rebel Wedding Inspiration

Wait until you see the moves on this groom!

Yes, we’ve seen quite a few wedding flash mob surprises throughout this youtube life, but what Hunter Heinrich, from Gunter, Texas, created for his wife is just out of this world, and her face doesn’t hide the astonishment! The medley is choreographed to detail, and there are bits and pieces of complete awesomeness along the way. Check out for yourself!

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Groom looks at Lisbon Fashion Week

Groom Style

Groom looks at Lisbon Fashion Week

A few days ago I shared some of the looks I saw during Lisbon Fashion Week that – if you ask me – strike me as perfect wedding dresses for a bride that is both a fashionista and rebel.

But, darling grooms, wait no more! There is something for you too. Here are my favorites. Now tell me you couldn’t take one of this and with your good looks and style make it a statement piece that will make your aunties’ jaws drop.


Há uns dias atrás partilhei um post com alguns dos vestidos que vi na Moda Lisboa e que, na minha humilde opinião, eram perfeitinhos para uma noiva que tenha muito estilo e que queira algo bem rebel.

Mas para os noivinhos que estavam tristes e se achavam esquecidos, a espera acabou! Vejam estes looks que de certezinha que conseguem dar um toque pessoal de tal forma que vão deixar as tias babadas.